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At this time, it is important to detach ourselves from the materialistic trappings of day-to-day life and remember to not take what we have for granted. It is so easy, in daily life, to take things for granted. But, at this time, let us remember not to do this. Let us remember to be thankful for the Sun, on which we so absolutely depend, the Moon, the Stars and the Mighty Galaxy in which we live, which allows us to remain within Its wondrous Body, magnificent in proportion and marvelous in content.

Let us, at this time, remember the Earth who, in Divine Patience, has suffered us, has allowed a forlorn race a space refuge for a time so that we might evolve into the God Potential, which is within each of us, and Her fruits, upon which we also depend.

Let us, too, remember the Wondrous Beings Who have graced us with Their glorious presence, the Saviors of the human race, Who without, would have been lost again and again for eons of time.

Let us never forget and take for granted these things and more. Let us always remember and give thanks to those and those things we hold dear, for without these, our lives have less joy, less peace, less love.

And let us never forget the God which granted all these things and give eternal Thanks and praise to He and It which brought it all about in the beginning.
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