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I cross posted the last entry on one of the other communities, and got fairly well criticized because of the statement that Sanskrit was the first spoken language on the Earth. Actually that statement was made by Dr. George King, and I’ll take his word for it above anyone else.

Having said that, the entire point of the entry was not the antiquity of any particular language, however interesting and significant that might be, but the efficacy of the repetition of Mantra in Sanskrit.

Be that as it may, there have been seers from time immemorial, great sages who, through the efficiency of a highly sensitized nervous system, have been able to accurately read the akasha and have known completely and accurately any point so chosen in the history of the human race, the sensitized human nervous system still being the most sensitive of all instruments.

Of course, when one asks for tangible evidence relating to knowledge derived in such a way, it can be difficult to produce.

However, such is the nature of truth!

Hence the statement made by Jesus, “I thank thee Father, for Thou hast kept these things from the prudent and the wise and revealed them unto babes.”
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