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Naturally, all circumstances and events which come upon one are not happenstance. There cannot be a thing as coincidence or happenstance in an ordered Universe. Should the order that applies to every Celestial Body thoughout vast Creation not also apply to small man? Every experience that one gains, every person that one meets is one’s desert for good or bad. Relationships are born or destroyed through the synergistic growth or dwindling of soul and soul.

The world is a wicked place. But through encountering wickedness, one is afforded the opportunity to learn certain necessary lessons which one has proven one cannot learn in any other way. Judgment is odious. For what pompous fool would ever suppose that he were the least separate from the worst of the worst? Within this breast is all the evil that ever was in the most wicked. I am a liar and a fool to think of myself as the slightest bit separate from the most hardened criminal. Yet within this breast is also Divinity Itself. And that I also know. The choice, then, is one’s to make, either to ascend to the heights, or descend into the pit. Sooner or later, by all the laws that be, one must ascend to the heights, whether that journey span a billion lives or three.

The Jnani welcomes the worst. He drinks the bitter draught knowing that it is his to drink. The Jnani welcomes the enemy. He accepts the actions of the adversary knowing that adversity is only a reflection of those things within himself. Whatever one fears, sooner or later, one will be faced with. One cannot avoid the truth. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” has been depicted as the greatest love. Yet to love thy enemy as thyself is a far greater love. Yet, thy enemy is thyself which has come to teach thyself the lessons that thyself was not able to gain without its aid.
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